North Jersey Chapter 218 of the STAR Touring and Riding Association is a family
oriented motorcycle riding group. STAR Touring and Riding is the official club of
STAR Motorcycles. We welcome any rider and motorcycle brand into our chapter
who shares interest in creating great friends, memories, and riding safely.

Group activities include monthly chapter day rides, longer multi-day tours, annual
picnic, maintenance day and holiday party. We welcome you to join our chapter
and enjoy the benefits of membership with special sponsor price reductions on
parts and accessories, hotel discounts and many other National STAR Touring
and Riding events, such as STAR Days. For more information on membership,
call or email us and be sure to take advantage of our free 5 month trail
STAR Touring and Riding
Chapter 218 - North Jersey
STAR Touring and Riding
Chapter 218 - North Jersey